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Celebrating 20 years servicing Houston muscians and churches.

Mars Electronic Repair has been servicing the greater Houston professional musician and church community since 1992. With over 20 years experience in keyboard, amplifier, and live sound repair, head technician and owner, Armando Garcia knows inside and out the gear and brands that professionals use and rely on to deliver clean and clear sound every gig or service.

Armando specializes in Keyboard repair, and is an authorized warranty repair and service center for Yamaha, Korg, and Roland products.






Armando has spent the last 10 years at Parker Music, as an certified repair and service center for Peavey, JBL, Roland, Korg, Yamaha, Marshall, Fender, Line 6, Blackstar, Rane, Gallien Krueger, Cerwin Vega, and many more. By reputation, Mars Electronic Repair has even enjoyed refererals from other music stores to perform warranty service from all over the Houston area.

In addition to Keyboard repair, Mars Electronic Repair performs service for tube and solid state amps, tube biasing and replacement, circuit board troubleshooting and replacement, guitar and bass amp speaker replacement and customization. Speakers and tubes are for sale at Mars Electronic repair!

We fix all gear within days, sometimes even the same day! Fastest turnaround service and the cheapest prices in town. GUARANTEED!




  • Amplifier
  • Keyboard
  • Mixer
  • Speaker

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10209 Market St Rd Suite A, Houston, Texas 77029